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Hiring Managers: Impact the Hiring Process

More often than not hiring managers are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to adding new staff. Generally speaking all hires need to get the approval of the manager the new hire will report to.

Here are a few ways you as the hiring manager can impact the hiring process.

1. Share, share, and share some more. There's nothing more refreshing than seeing the person in charge of hiring actually taking an active role in promoting their open position. It makes you accessible to potential candidates and shows you're intimately involved in the process.

2. Ask your team and other managers to do the same and provide some incentive for their participation. A simple lunch or happy hour treat is a fair exchange for your colleagues opening up their network to you.

3. Let your internal recruiting teams be your supporters and not hinder your own creative efforts. You'll want to keep the team in the loop, but too often managers are restrained thinking everything needs to flow through the HR or recruiting team first. Not so.  You can stoke the fires on your own and make sure to include them at the appropriate time. Many internal teams are overwhelmed with requisitions and they would welcome some proactive activity to get things moving.

4. Keep track of previous past good performers. Your top performers from previous or current company are likely to know 1 or 2 others who may be good targets for you. If the rapport was good, reach out to them.

5. Think outside the box. There are likely some candidates that you would love who may be from another industry. This SHOULD NOT stop you from engaging them unless your position is so critical that only someone from your industry can do the work. Yes, there's going to be a learning curve, but there's a good chance you experienced an industry transition yourself to get to where you are and that's worked out fine. Why wouldn't it be the same for others. Smart people figure things out when given the opportunity.

To your hiring success.


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