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9 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Job Search for 2019

1.    Take an honest assessment of your reasons for wanting a new job and run them by a trusted advisor. Ask them how they determined the right time to move. A new job doesn’t necessarily equate to a better overall career move.

2.    Examine your industry. Is it expanding or shrinking? 

3.    Assess your skills. Will you need additional skills or certifications to land the roles you are considering?

4.    Do your homework on any new potential employers. Alignment with company culture is going to play a huge factor in your success and happiness.

5.    When you do decide to leave, try and leave your current situation better than you found it.

6.    Make sure you have the goods to take on more responsibility. It’s a tight market and

companies almost have to pay more for your services, but if you can’t perform you’ll be found out soon enough.

7.    Remember work isn’t life. You have a lot more to do and be besides your occupation. Give those things the attention they deserve. Health, family, travel, etc.

8.    Nurture the connections you have in your current company. Just because you leave doesn’t mean they are less important to your journey. They may in fact become more important over time.

9.    Enjoy the ride! The world of work is changing at a very rapid pace. Learn to be ok with things looking totally different than you expected. Even if you don’t like the change you will survive it and learn from it.

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